Amplex Hearing Centres Port Macquarie

The Audiology Office of Dr Daniel Mestric M.Aud, Au.D, MASA (CCP), MIAA, OHS QP
Master of Audiology (Macquarie Uni) (M.Aud), Doctorate of Audiology (Central Michigan) (Au.D.)
Member Audiological Society of Australia (MASA), Certificate of Clinical Practice (CCP)                       Member Independent Audiologists Australia (MIAA), Office Hearing Services Qualified Practitioner

Welcome to Amplex Hearing, the Audiology Practice of Dr Daniel Mestric, Au.D. Since 2002, Audiologist Daniel Mestric has been providing hearing assistance to people in and around the Port Macquarie region. The practice philosophy is to educate patients about their hearing to help them make informed decisions about their rehabilitation. We offer patients the type of service they may not find at franchised outlets. Word-of-mouth referrals have always been the leading factor in the continued growth of our practice. Please explore our website to learn more about our general approach and to discover the key assets of our service.

Hearing Examinations

Audiometric examinations are conducted in certified sound isolation booths using modern calibrated equipment ensuring highest standard of audiometric practice. Following examinations, we offer patients a clear and informative discussion of results… read more

Hearing Aids and Rehabilitation

If significant hearing loss is detected, we provide in-depth discussion of potential benefits and limitations of current hearing aid styles and technologies. We also discuss the key elements required to produce a successful outcome, while helping patients navigate around industry hype and common pitfalls… read more

Earmoulds And Specialty Earplugs

Custom made earplugs are available to suit a variety of needs, including sound protection for industrial workers, filtered plugs for musicians, water excluding plugs for swimmers and children with grommets. We us a smooth flowing and quick setting vulcanizing silicon to maximize patient comfort during impression taking… read more

Earwax Removal

Dr Mestric possesses additional training in cerumen management, allowing him to conveniently remove excess earwax prior to assessment. A variety of extraction methods is available, including manual removal, micro-suction and controlled irrigation. In most cases when excess ear wax is detected, complete removal can be achieved on the day, saving the inconvenience of having to reschedule… read more

Industrial Testing

We can help employers meet Work Health and Safety requirements, by periodically monitoring employees’ hearing. Early detection of hearing changes may inform employers about specific risk factors at work sites. Our aim is to help employers avoid permanent injury to workers’ hearing and minimise hearing related compensation claims… read more

Information for GPs and Other Healthcare Professionals

Our aim is to provide your patients with the standard of care and advice reflective of medical practice. We acknowledge that when you refer a patient to our clinic, that decision is a reflection of your judgement… read more