Beware The “FREE” Lunch

Why We Don’t Advertise Free Hearing Tests

Sadly there is a trend among industry outlets to promote so-called FREE hearing checks. Ducking an initial consultation fee is generally not in the patient’s best interest. Oftentimes that initial waived fee will be recovered by a factor of ten or more if the patient proceeds to the next stage of rehabilitation. For example, avoiding the standard medicare determined fee of $235 at the outset, but paying an additional $1000—$2000 for a set of hearing aids is false economy enough.

However, when you consider that a free screening check does not lay down the correct foundation for the patient to make informed decisions, it becomes clear that this model has little to offer the consumer, but plenty of appeal for the reseller.

Investing in proper testing and advice can only reward the patient by helping him or her avoid marketing ploys and common pitfalls. What is the point of purchasing an expensive set of hearing aids if they are later dumped in the drawer because of poor advice?