Earmoulds And Specialty Earplugs

Unlike many hearing chains, we believe custom made earmoulds are a requirement for most hearing aid fittings. The use of custom made earmoulds ensures patient comfort and security of fit, and allows hearing aid performance to be better predicted in the real world. We use earbuds in place of custom earmoulds only when both the type of hearing loss and shape of earcanal permit a reliable fitting.

During impression taking, a two part silicon is gently injected into the ear canal. A soft sponge dam is placed into the ear canal prior to impression taking to protect the deeper portion of the ear canal and the delicate eardrum. For patient comfort we use a free-flowing fast-setting material which has a pleasant aroma.

We offer a variety of specialty earplugs to suit different applications, such as noise plugs for industry, filtered earplugs for musicians, and swim plugs for children with grommets or for adults who have difficulty removing water from the ear. We can also provide you with a raw impression of your ears if you wish to forward them on to a specialty audio manufacturer.

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