Earwax Removal

Effective removal of earwax is an integral part of our service. Few audiology clinics offer this service, even fewer have the techniques and equipment available that we have at our main office in Port Macquarie. Dr Mestric has received additional training in earwax removal techniques and employs the same equipment used by ENT surgeons.


The preferred method for earwax removal is curettage, which involves the use of specialised surgical grade instruments to manually lift out wax from the ear canal. This technique has advantages over syringing, in that it is generally quicker and minimizes mess, risk, side-effects and discomfort for the patient.


Effective magnification is critical for curettage. Dr Mestric uses head-mounted converged binoculars developed and made in Australia by Vorotek. We are also the only audiology clinic in the region to offer otomicroscopy, which utilises the superior magnification of an operating microscope. Dr Mestric is one of few audiologists in the country offering this degree of precision in earwax removal. Our operating microscope is made by Seiler in America.


For cases where wax is less viscous (more runny) a small catheter may be placed into the ear canal to suction out the earwax.


Lavage involves irrigating the ear canal with tepid water. This technique is used only when wax has been impacted by the patient deep into the ear canal or onto the eardrum itself. We do not use manual syringes, instead we use an electronically regulated system with inbuilt safe-guards to minimize risk to the patient. In reality, lavage is rarely needed at our clinic, as curettage offers a resolution in most cases.


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