Hearing Examinations

A comprehensive hearing assessment typically comprises the following procedures:

  • A detailed history of conditions (both environmental and biological) that may adversely affect the health of your ears and hearing acuity
  • A physical examination of the ear canals and ear-drums using a light-source with magnification
  • Removal of excessive earwax prior to testing if indicated
  • An evaluation of middle ear pressure using tympanometry (a sonar-based technology) to check for middle ear disease
  • An evaluation of hearing sensitivity for tones presented through special insert earphones, which determines the degree of hearing impairment at discreet frequencies (pitches)
  • An evaluation of your ability to distinguish words at various presentation levels, which is useful in quantifying the quality/clarity of your hearing
  • A detailed discussion of results, including any recommendation for further medical follow-up
  • A discussion of hearing aid options and benefits/limitations where medically indicated