Why Our Independence Matters To You

No Quotas, No Gimmicks, No Pressure

Amplex Hearing Centres is owned and operated by Audiologist Dr Daniel Mestric. Our practice has no financial affiliation or obligation to hearing aid manufacturers. We do not participate in volume dependent discount programs or special reward programs offered by some manufacturers. We set our own prices, which are generally below recommended retail prices of larger chains.

Our independence ensures patients receive relevant and accurate advice without interference from outside vested interests. We are free to fit hearing aids from all manufacturers. Like most independants however, we have our favourites. Currently we favour Starkey Laboratories because of the level of aftercare services they provide, and because of their experience in the hearing sector. Starkey Laboratories is headquartered in Eden Prairie Minnesota. Other manufacturers we have dealings with include Bernafon, GN-Resound, Oticon, Phonak, Siemens, Sonic Innovations, Unitron and Widex.