Ultra-competitive Pricing

In addition to providing a high standard of local support and service, we lead the market in competitive pricing for professional grade hearing aids. In fact our prices are generally as low, if not lower than so-called online discounted offerings. The advantage of purchasing from a local company is of course in the quality of ongoing aftercare support we offer.

The Perils of Online Purchases

With the proliferation of internet retail sales, it is tempting to some to think that hearings aids can also be purchased online without any downside. In reality hearing rehabilitation should never be boiled down to a simple retail purchase.

Face-to-face Guidance is Critical

There is a multitude of factors to be considered when selecting the most appropriate hearing aid for an individual. The following are just some of the factors an audiologist will consider when selecting the most appropriate hearing aid for you:

  • Size and shape of the ear canal
  • Texture of ear cartilage
  • Manual dexterity and visual acuity of the patient
  • Propensity for ear wax
  • Cognitive and age-related factors
  • How much space there is behind the ear
  • The availability of family or carer support
  • Degree of hearing loss
  • Type of hearing loss (conductive versus sensori-neural)
  • The presence of ear-drainage
  • Patient preference of available choices
  • Technological skill level of the patient
  • Lifestyle and listening needs